We Are Open

We are pleased to notify you that the Welsh Assembly have advised us that our optical practices can re-open.

All patients will be seen by appointment only, and we will implement a "Locked Door" policy to limit the number of patients in the practice at one time.

Each appointment will be triaged in advance.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen many changes to society in general.The need for social distancing and more rigorous hygiene measures has changed the way in which optometry is practised.

Now we are allowed to stay open there will be significant changes to the patient journey within the practice and infection control measures taken to ensure the safety of patients, staff and practioners alike.

On entering the practice each patient may have their temperature taken with an Infrared non-contact thermometer and given a face mask and asked to sanitise their hands.

PPE worn by members of staff may include a mask, face visor, gloves and apron.

We look forward to welcoming existing and new patients to our practices and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support.

designer frames

Types of lenses

The dispensers at Stewart Greenberg Opticians are highly trained in accessing individual customer requirements and will spend time explaining the many options and advise on the most suitable.

A selection of newer lenses follows:

Thin and Light:

Lens technology has advanced, enabling thinner lenses for all prescriptions and lighter lenses to provide greater comfort.

Reflection Free:

An anti-reflection lens coating will substantially reduce glare from night driving and computer screens, and cosmetically improve the look of your spectacles.

Scratch Resistant:

A hard coating will help protect the lens from scratches, making them tough and durable.

Varifocal Lenses:

Varifocal lenses give comfortable, sharp vision at all distances, allowing the wearer the convenience of one pair of spectacles for all purposes.

Light Sensitive Lenses:

Changing light conditions occur frequently, and for people who are sensitive to glare, Photochromic lenses are the perfect solution. Photochromic lenses vary in tint as the spectacles become exposed to sunlight, offering the convenience of sunglasses and normal lenses in one.

Polarised Lenses:

The polarised lens is perfect for eliminating glare and preventing eye strain in situations of intense sunlight. The polarised lens is ideal for driving on wet roads or for sports such as fishing, skiing and sailing.

Colours and Tints:

Stewart Greenberg Opticians can provide a variety of tints for all lenses - from gradual tints to full tints - in a variety of colours.

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